Patricia Romero

About Patricia Romero

My background

I am Venezuelan, native of Maracaibo, Zulia State.
In my country I graduated as a Computer Engineer; accumulating some years of experience leading Information Systems projects in two large regional insurance companies (Seguros Catatumbo and Seguros La Occidental) where we served between 12 and 16 branches nationwide, time during which I had great teachers who helped me develop and learn from the history of insurance to the end of the process of an insurance policy of any kind.

In 2016 I migrated with my family to the United States, settling in the state of Texas, after obtaining my immigration status, through social networks I found an excellent mentor who guided me to get an Insurance License in this country, I prepared, studied and took the Texas state exam, and in 2018 I got my longed insurance license that opened so many doors for me in this wonderful country.

About Patricia Romero

Beginnings of my career

I started working as an ant, I went out every day to look for clients who needed help to obtain a medical plan or life coverage, and so little by little I grew my portfolio of clients, of course I worked hard to provide good service and excellent advice, thanks to that hard work, today I am close to having 1000 clients, which is great average for an Independent Agent and so I grow every day more.

It has been a blessing this preparation because I love to help my community, I was very satisfied to talk to people who do not know that they can have this important benefit for the welfare of their family. The greatest reward is when they tell me that thanks to God they met me because I was able to help them, I answer them that “it is nothing, you are an instrument of God, because every day I learn more and more from you and the American System”.

Since I started all this way I have always had God in my mind, I always trusted that He was going to help us to succeed, and so it is, God always guided my steps and continues directing my path, so first of all, thanks to God and to our Chinita for this wonderful career.

About Patricia Romero

At the present time

I am a Life and Health insurance advisor and much more. When you contact me you have a professional in the area, not a simple saleswoman, my job is to help and advise the community to find the best protection option for your family group.

More than a job is something that I am passionate about and that makes the difference with respect to other health advisors, I am characterized by my preparation, professionalism and offer an excellent after sales service, I am available 24/7 because I love to serve and retain my clientele.

I am forming my own team of agents and if you feel identified with me, do not hesitate to contact me and we will gladly work together.

Professional in the
insurance area

My clients and my years of experience corroborate that my clients’ satisfaction and protection are my priority.

Protected Clients

Years of Experience